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LINK TUTOR “IT and Leadership Skills Training Company”

The team of Trainers from IT and Corporate world came together with a motive to help the next generation attain skills and value sets to take on the real world.
We have realized that current work environment in this Information age is changing at a revolutionary speed and the gap between Education system and what People at work need is also widening,
At Link tutor we have a vision to be that missing link between what current education systems teaches and what actually works in the real World.
At Link Tutor we want to be the link between a student and the world of IT and Networking opportunities ahead.
We want to be that Altruistic companion to Students, Trainers, Institutes, Colleges and Universities alike to SUCCEED in guiding education towards its true purpose.

Our Concerns

Self-Centred Education providers

Commercialization of Education

Stagnant Careers and indivduals

Too much information without wisdom

Link Tutor Pursuits

Empowering Careers

Link-small-logoOur primary motto envisions “Empowering Careers” of individuals in 21st Century. Our Training programs have been designed to give you the ability to take your career to the next level, not only in positions or economics (salaries) but taking YOU as a person to new heights.

Serving Knowledge


We not only grant you knowledge of the subject but we take you on a journey towards understanding the complete reality of Job (Current Technological trends, Troubleshooting issues, Challenges and opportunities) to apply in the jobs roles of current IT industry.

Altruistic Companion


Altruism by definition means Selflessness – the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others.In current education trends commerce has taken over on learning. We at Link tutor want to Altruistically Serve towards building a culture of learning not only as a provider but also as a companion to learners.

Wisdom Skills


In this age of information an ability to make important decisions has become more disguised and thus requires an ability to learn unlearn and relearn the subject or situation. In Wisdom skills we are working on the program to enable candidates to see and go beyond the given.


Altruistic Mentor


Altruistic Companion


Altruistic Partner

Colleges & Universities

Altruistic Training Consultant

Our Passion for what we do transfers into our services

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